Original art and designs by local artists

A Hummingbird Festival Original

The Hummingbird Festival volunteer committee holds an annual art contest to choose an original painting that will be used for that year's poster, t-shirt, guidebook cover, online promotions, and advertising. The artist and chosen painting are featured in local media, on the Hummingbird Festival website, and on Facebook. The original painting is professionally framed, presented as a gift to the Hogansville City Council, and proudly hung at City Hall.

This is 2017 Hummingbird Festival Artist Trent Cannon

A graphic designer takes the original art and crafts an original design that will be the visual presentation for the entire season. Leading up to the festival, the commemorative posters can be seen in store windows all around Hogansville and surrounding communities. Festival attendees buy the posters and t-shirts, raising funds for the Hummingbird Festival (a 100% volunteer-driven and charity-based event for the Hogansville Charitable Trust). We know of festival fans who have been collecting the posters for years and have them framed in their homes.

Hummingbird Festival Poster Gallery

2018 Contest Open Now!

The contest for the 2018 Hummingbird Festival original art is open now. Your painting could be chosen!


2017 painting by Trent Cannon


2016 painting by Laura Gfelner. Design by Leah Leidner.


2015 painting by Stefany Park. Design by Leah Leidner.


2014 painting by Melissa Howington. Design by Leah Leidner.


2013 painting by Todd Pike. Design by Clint Robinson.


2012 painting by Andrea Mulvany. Design by Leah Leidner.


2011 art and design by Leah Leidner.


2010 painting by Clint Robinson. Design by Leah Leidner.


2009 art by Sara Austin. Design by Leah Leidner.


2008 painting by Traci Hunter. Design by Leah Leidner.


2007 art by Cindy Jackson. Design by Leah Leidner.


2006 painting by Jackie Byars. Design by Leah Leidner.


2005 art by LuAnn Keeble. Design by Leah Leidner.


2004 painting by Angela Sharp. Design by Leah Leidner.

Thank you to all the artists and designers!