Hummingbird Festival Hotels & Camping

Spend the night with us! These Hogansville lodging facilities welcome your business:

Woodstream Inn

1888 East Main St.
(706) 637-9395

Bronze Level Sponsors of the Hummingbird Festival. Thank you Woodstream Inn! New ownership/management started in 2015.

Hogan House at Rose Hill Bed and Breakfast

804 E Main St, Hogansville, GA 30230
(706) 415-1874

Silver Level Sponsors of the Hummingbird Festival. Thank you! A new bed and breakfast in Hogansville, Georgia! Online booking available, or just call.

Garden Inn

1630 Bass Cross Road

West Point Lake Campgrounds

Hogansville, GA is convenient to a favorite destination for boaters, anglers, and campers: West Point Lake. Campers who are coming to the Hogasnville area for the Hummingbird Festival might want to check out the West Point Lake campgrounds that are only a short drive from Hogansville.